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GreenPix Simulator (2007)


Simone Giostra & Partners


The GreenPix Simulator was commissioned by Simone Giostra for the GreenPix Zero Energy Media Wall, a large scale architectural screen in Beijing, China. GreenPix Zero Energy Media Wall consists of thousands of individual LED units that form a giant screen; it is unique because it collects energy throughout the day - through a collection of solar panels - and uses that energy to power video display.

GreenPix Simulator is a custom 3D software that simulates the experience of viewing the screen. Users can navigate around the building and load their own movies - so that they can understand how their videos will appear on the enormous screen. The software was authored using the Max and Jitter programming platforms and is available for both Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

The concept for GreenPix Simulator was based on previous work done with Realities:United and John Dekron for BIX and Spots.


Max/MSP/Jitter, OpenGL, QuickTime.


GreenPix website
Software download